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Indoor Winter Workout

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Well, we’ve certainly had our share of what I like to call “the white plague” this winter, and it has made outdoor cardio difficult for those of us who aren’t ice skaters or snowshoers. Luckily, there are some easy ways to keep the calorie burn going through the dark months. I know many of you have only 1 piece of cardio equipment at home (often a bike or treadmill) and you complain of boredom. Here’s a way you can mix that piece of equipment in with intervals of a few other activities to jazz up your workout. Make an iPod playlist of your favorite upbeat songs and crank it up as you try this approximately 45-minute workout:

1. Warm up: 5 minutes. Be creative; Suggestions: dance to the first song on your mix or shadow box in the mirror
2. Bike (or treadmill): 4 minutes at a moderate intensity
3. Stairs: 2 minutes of quickly walking or running (depending on your level of fitness) up and down stairs.
4. Bike (or treadmill): 4 minutes at a moderate intensity
5. Jump rope: 1 minute as fast as you can
6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 TWICE more.
7. Cool down: 5 minutes (either more dancing or simply peddle the bike starting at a moderate pace and working down to a light pace by the end of the 5 minutes).

Extra tip: Working out with a friend can be a lot more fun than going it alone. Invite a buddy over, crank the tunes up on the stereo, and complete this workout together. Stagger the workout start time so you can share equipment.

–Laura DeLallo, Founder, Living Fit
(Laura is a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. Want to train with her? Visit Personal Training at Living Fit. Want to learn more about her? Visit the About page.)

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