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Nutrition Articles of the Week

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Barley: Weight Loss Food
When it’s not malted and in your beer, it’s a source of fiber that will keep you full and lower your cholesterol. This article tells you more about it and includes a nice lunch recipe.

Salmon Season
The best time of the year to buy fresh salmon is now! A short article, but it includes some tips on how to select your salmon and a healthy sauce suggestion to dress it up with.

Health Food Impostors
Companies know that we’re all trying to make smarter food choices. Some are giving us the healthy options we crave, while others are just using clever packaging and marketing to make us think they’re offering health foods. This article helps you pick out some health food impostors. Not all the impostors are necessarily bad food choices, but there are often more nutritious alternatives and this article provides some.

It Does A Body Good
You probably already know that it’s good to buy organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible. But did you know it’s also best to buy organic milk?  Read this article to find out why.

–Laura DeLallo, Founder, Living Fit
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