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Video: Back Exercise Using Bands

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Exercise bands are great because they’re inexpensive and you can use them anywhere. This is the first of lots of exercise I’ll show you that use  bands. For this exercise, you’ll need to put the band around something very stable, like a column in your basement or around a strong banister.  You could also have a partner put the band around her waist and both of you will get a workout from it! Be sure to maintain good posture when you row. Your shoulder blades should be pulled back and together which lifts your chest up a bit. Head should always be in a neutral position, which means it should be aligned with your spine, not tilted down or up.

Extra Tip: Bands fit nicely in your suitcase–bring them with you on your next trip so you can stay on your fitness routine.

–Laura DeLallo, Founder, Living Fit
(Laura is a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. Want to train with her? Visit Personal Training at Living Fit. Want to learn more about her? Visit the About page.)

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