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Run For The Wild 5K

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Some runners really got into the spirit of the day. I've never seen so many adults with painted faces gathered in one place.

Yesterday I participated in a great fitness event, the Run For the Wild 5K at the Bronx Zoo. I ran through the main trail at the zoo along with over 5,000 enthusiastic participants on a sunny morning and then got to enjoy a free breakfast and all the exhibits (the sea lions were my favorite). And to add to my satisfaction, I knew my $30 entry fee would help the Wildlife Conservation Society’s efforts to save Asia’s endangered tigers. Not too many better ways to spend a weekend morning. I’ve shared my trusty Garmin Forerunner’s info below along with some cool photos from the event–click on them to scroll through larger versions. Tomorrow I’ll share with you my top five reasons to participate in a group fitness event like this one!

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