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Go Greek Yogurt

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When I see an image of a lean, muscle-bound ancient Greek sculpture, I think of the creamy goodness that is Greek yogurt. I just can’t help it. They’re both silky white, for starters. And when I see muscles, I think of protein, their building blocks. Everyone who’s trying to shed some pounds by building fat-burning muscle needs to eat plenty of protein. Greek yogurt can certainly help in that department; it typically packs more than double the amount of protein found in regular yogurt (see a full comparison of the two types below).

Greek yogurt goes through a special straining process that makes it thicker than its counterparts. Couple that with the extra protein and you’ll feel full a lot longer after eating it. This translates into less snacking, lower calorie intake, and weight loss. There is no need to feel hungry when you’re trying to lean out, folks, and this is one way to avoid that.

Before you run to the store, you need to know a few more things. First, pick the plain. The fruit varieties contain double and sometimes triple the amount of sugar. Eating 20g of sugar is definitely counterproductive to your fitness and weight loss goals. And select non-fat. The yogurt that best fits these requirements is Chobani 0% non-fat plain Greek yogurt. It’s only 100 calories per serving, and, I promise, it tastes good! Stir in some fresh berries for extra flavor and vitamins.

100 calories
0g fat
70 mg sodium
7g carbs
7g sugar
18g protein

Stonyfield Organic Fat Free Plain (Not picking on Stonyfield. It’s one of the better regular yogurts, and they have a new Greek yogurt–Oikos)
80 calories
0g fat
120 mg sodium
11g carbs
11g sugar
8g protein

–Laura DeLallo, Founder, Living Fit
(Laura is a certified personal trainer and weight management consultant. Want to train with her? Visit Personal Training at Living Fit. Want to learn more about her? Visit the About page.)

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3 Responses to “Go Greek Yogurt”
  1. Jill says:

    i am a huge fan of Chobani. I especially enjoy the cherry and strawberry flavors. :)

  2. Admin says:

    Here’s a suggestion that might help steal you away from the flavored yogurts that can have as much sugar as a Snickers bar: Buy a bag of frozen blueberries. Defrost a handful of them either by letting them sit out at room temp or popping them in the microwave for a few seconds. They’ll get a little liquidy so when you stir them in with the yogurt, you’ll get the same effect as premade fruit yogurts with no added sugar!

  3. Jody says:

    Please people, if we’re going to be healthy…just say NO to the microwave!!!!